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Meet The Team

Meet our team, the Executive Officers oversees the programs and services provided by Americans Thrive, including the management of our collaborative partnerships. 

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Dr. Susan Simmons Stevenson

Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, CEO, The Lifecycle Network

EOLWD manages and the workforce development and reentry programs to ensure that employers, workers, and the underemployed have the tools and training needed to succeed in the US economy.  EOLWD also responsible for attracting, hiring, and developing people to do purposeful work.  Americans Thrive partners with agencies to build and support a high-performing diverse workforce of excellence.

MJ Stevenson Headshot.jpeg

Micheal Stevenson

Executive Office of Logistics Management 

CEO, We Thrive Community Partners, LLC

EOLM oversees all logistical and operational support management for the people and programs of Americans Thrive.   EOLM plans and directs all aspects of the organizations logistic management functions and exclusively manages our national partnership with LCN Logistics and other transportation to support the development of stronger labor pool for our nation’s transportation industry.


Dr. Shelly Browning Bason

Executive Office of Project Management 

CEO, Smart Simple Startups 

EOPM manages and supports Americans Thrive corporate projects and strategic partnerships conducive to ongoing job creation and economic development.  EOPM helps drive the company’s vision and mission forward to address the needs of the people we serve by fostering community and corporate partnerships across local, state, and federal businesses and overseeing key corporate projects for expansion and strategic economic development and growth towards a workforce of excellence.

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Dr. Brunetta Nelson

Executive Office of Procurement 

CEO, Imprint Productions

EOP oversees the procurement and government contracting aspects for Americans Thrive.  As a proud Georgia based corporation, Americans Thrives offers support services to both state and federal government entities, as the company is well qualified and holds several certifications to include MBE, WOSB, and FMBE. EOOS mission to provide regulatory oversight and guidance for the effective, equitable, and ethical operation of the company’s procurement management and operational services.

Porshia Headshot.jpeg

Ly'Porshia Simmons

Executive Office of Communications

Managing Parnter, LyBro Group, LLC

EOCO is pivotal in molding the organization's public perception, nurturing favorable connections with stakeholders, and effectively transmitting vital information for Americans Thrive. Its mission involves establishing and upholding constructive interactions with the media, including addressing media queries and orchestrating press-related activities such as drafting press releases, coordinating press conferences, and overseeing the organization's portrayal in media outlets.

Hildiah Martin-Suggs.jpg

Hildiah Martin-Suggs

Executive Office of Legal Affairs

CEO,  Almost Lost In The System, Inc.

EOLA is a pivotal component within an organization responsible for managing and overseeing all legal matters and affairs for Americans Thrive.  It serves as the chief legal advisor and advocate, offering guidance, expertise, and strategic counsel to the organization's leadership, management, and various departments.


Tristian Carpenter

Executive Office of Community Affairs

Community Engagement Officer

EOCA is dedicated to establishing and nurturing connections with the local community and diverse stakeholders. Its core objective is to cultivate positive relationships, streamline communication, and join forces on initiatives that bring mutual benefits to both the organization and the community it serves. EOCE commitment lies in comprehensively grasping their needs, concerns, and aspirations, ensuring that our engagement aligns with the core mission of building meaningful relationships and collaboratively addressing community priorities for Amercians Thrive.

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