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Who We Are

Americans Thrive is a Workforce Development & Re-Entry Agency

We are a Workforce Development & Reentry Agency, with a special emphasis on reentry programs designed to provide opportunities for ex-offenders to rebuild careers and reduce recidivism.

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Our mission and purpose

We are aiming to cultivate a workforce of excellence in American including a special focus to provide qualified ex-offenders reentering the workforce the opportunity to rebuild their careers and ultimately, reduce recidivism. This approach will benefit the individuals and the communities they are joining.

Americans Thrive collaborates with existing organizations and nonprofits by adding value to their current programs. Our dedicated and passionate team of professionals put the workforce development industry’s best practices to work across the country assisting both job seekers and employers.  


Together with our partners and collaborators, we work every day to cultivate a community of excellence and help Americans thrive.

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