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Who We Are

Americans Thrive is a Workforce Development & Training Agency

We are a dedicated Workforce Development & Training Agency offering specialized programs for underserved individuals, including underemployed individuals, military veterans, returning citizens, farmworkers, and youth, all of whom may have been affected by the justice system. Our mission is to help them rebuild careers, break the cycle of recidivism, and foster empowerment.


Our mission and purpose

Our mission is to cultivate a top-tier workforce in the US by offering a comprehensive approach that connects individuals to resources for securing employment with sustainable wages.

Our purpose is to equip employers with the skilled workforce they need to excel in the global economy. This strategic approach not only benefits employers and individuals but also extends its positive impact to their communities.

Americans Thrive collaborates with new, existing organizations and nonprofits, elevating their programs through valuable contributions. Our team of dedicated professionals, driven by a passion for workforce development, implements industry best practices nationwide to assist job seekers and employers.

In collaboration with our network of partners,, we are dedicated  to cultivating a community of excellence and empowering Americans thrive.

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job placement services

 life and social skills

financial literacy

mental well-being support

spiritual programs

food and health programs

transitional housing

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